February 24, 2010

Here's my first try with posting real analysis using the game viewer.

This position occurred toward the end of the game Hill-Rotter from the
opening Capital District League match of the season, between Uncle Sam Troy
and Schenectady 'A'. It's an interesting theoretical ending in which both
players made errors, though it should be noted that the final result of 0-1 is
still just, since Black's mistake didn't give his opponent quite enough for a

Update 2/25/10: The 13 x 6 shape caused by bad FEN has been fixed. Thanks to Chess Teacher for that tip. Next major point of concern is parsing of PGN annotation marks. My source tells me that's going to be worked on for a future release. Hopefully that happens soon! This is a great resource which would be improved yet more with full PGN parsability.

Update 2/26/10: In the meantime, I've bitten the bullet on this occasion and manually put in all of the commentary marks that are practical. Also fixed another little detail in the FEN pointed out by Chess Teacher.

So at this point, this should all work reasonably well! Behold:

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