April 18, 2010

Test of a new (to me) game viewer

A new (?) chess game viewer for the Web is out there at Chessflash.com. As the name suggests, it's a Flash application. Chess Teacher has tried it and is thinking it over. Here's a sample silly game:
One very nice part of Chessflash's site is that you can preview the appearance of the code output. Here are the parameters I used for the above game:

Basic publishing: Vertical layout, Width = 100%, Height = 600, Theme = Moonlight
Advanced publishing: Variations Tab, colors: Dark = DAAF85, Background = CCDDBB (the latter matches this blog's background)

What do you think? I believe this will work better than Chesspublishing's viewer, which I've been using until now. The latter is nice, but pretty cumbersome. It takes me a long time to prepare a blog post with Chesspublishing's viewer. I think I could crank out games pretty quickly with this Chessflash implementation.

My only major wish for Chessflash would be to have all NAG codes for PGN parsing recognized. I noticed that the code generator will handle the basic symbols like +=, !, ? and that sort of thing, but it doesn't like the ones for 'better is', Zeitnot, etc. etc. But for now, given the efficiency of the thing, I'll take it! I thank Chess Teacher for his contributions to the field and to my education, but I'm afraid I have a new favorite toy for this blog.

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